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Shoulder Pain   Vista Health Center

BioDRestore™ Takes Proprietary Shoulder Treatment to the Next Level

Do you wake up with shoulder pain?

Can you comb your hair or reach things in the cupboard without restrictions or pain?

Do you take medications for your shoulder pain?

Are you considering surgery to alleviate shoulder pain?

How we treat your shoulder pain

Vista Health Center is proud to be the first and only clinic in Utah to offer BioDRestore™. BioD is a natural product derived from the placental tissues of a living human donor. BioDRestore™ is clinically proven to support soft tissue repair, reduce inflammation and minimize scar tissue formation. Using guidance whether it be video fluoroscopy or ultrasound (depending on the condition), the stem cells are injected in the clinically determined specific area.

How do I know if this is right for me?

We’ve been able to help thousands of people with their joint pain and help them get back to doing things they love.  To determine if  BioD Restore™ is a recommended treatment for your joint condition, call our care team today –  801-756-7800.

What is the difference between BioD Restore™ stem cells and adult/my own stem cells?One big difference is that BioD Restore™ cells are brand new, naive, ready to do their job and clinically proven to repair and heal.  They are derived from  tissue that has not had the years of  exposure to the environmental elements that your own cells have.

How long does it take and how many times?

Same day procedure usually takes no more than one hour. It is one visit, not a series.

There is no sedation involved and patients are able to walk out on their own.

We’ve had patients fly in from out-of-state to have this procedure performed due to its value, affordability and convenience.  For specific questions about local accommodations, our care team can help you by calling 801-756-7800.

BioD Restore™ procedures, like other stem cell procedures are considered elective or non-covered by insurance companies.  We accept regular forms of payment; cash, check, or credit card.

Don’t let shoulder pain get in the way or your life. To determine if BioD Restore™ is a recommended treatment for your condition, call our care team today at 801-756-7800.

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