We provide the following advisory services:

We provide the following advisory services:

We offer advisory and educational services. These are described below:

Advisory Services

  • Medicare Decision Advisor - Focuses on providing Medicare advice. We will first help you to understand Medicare so that you can later make informed selection decisions. Next, we will review your specific needs and describe the options available to you. Finally, we will help you narrow down plan choices in order for you to select the best plan(s) that meet your current situation. A copy of our guide book: "A Consumer''s Guide to Making Smart Medicare Decisions" will be provided to you for future use after our consultation.
  • Provider Finder Decision Advisor - Helps you find quality providers. We have access to rating information on many different types of providers such as hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, home care agencies, renal dialysis facilities, etc. We will help you find this information and interpret it for you so that you can select a quality hospital, nursing home, physician, home care agency or renal dialysis facility. After our service, we will give you a copy of our book: "A Consumer''s Guide to Selecting Quality Health Care Providers".
  • Health Information Decision Advisor – Assists you with finding health information on the web. Based on a discussion of your needs, we will tailor a search for you. We will then provide you with website references that address your specific health issue. As an invaluable reference document, we will also provide you with our guide called: "Websites to Help you Make Informed Health Care Decisions".

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Educational Services
We are also available to provide education to your company, community organization or group. Our seminars are tailored to:

  • Help people find information about their illness so that they can become more knowledgeable about their condition and thus make better decisions regarding their treatment options;
  • Educate consumers on how to find and use information to select providers who excel in the care they deliver. We cover hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, home care and end stage renal dialysis services;
  • Teach people how to make sound Medicare decisions. We spend considerable time in educating people on how to use information tools to pick the right insurance coverage given their medical condition.

Please contact us at 330-671-5231 for more information.